Women’s Jadeite Bracelet, Charm 2547


Chinese Style Colorful Jadeite Bracelet, (56-62)



Inner diameter: 56(55-57mm)/(2.2-2.2 inches); 58(57-59mm)/(2.2-2.3 inches); 60(59-61mm)/(2.3-2.4 inches); 62(61 -63 mm)/(2.4-2.5 inches)
Material: colored agate stone
Features: The bracelet is carefully carved and polished from natural agate. There will be some variance in color due to its natural properties. Each bracelet is unique
Meaning: In China, the bracelet represents "happiness, health and good luck". It is the best gift for family and friends
About Size: Please refer to our size chart before purchasing. If you are concerned that the size you have chosen is not the right size, please contact us. We will help you. Thank you so much


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